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Thread: RSX850 fuel pump

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    RSX850 fuel pump

    Pulled my 2014 RSX 850i out of storage and she cranks but wont start. I do not hear the fuel pump run at all. I checked all the fuses under the hood and they are all good and are not corroded. Strange thing is 3 of the 15 amp fuses on the drivers side only have 2.5 volts on them. The fuse block does not appear to be corroded and has lots of dielectric grease on all of the contacts so I am not sure if the 2.5v is what it should have (I suspect not, more like 12v!). Does anyone have a schematic they can share? Oh, by the way there is only 7.9 volts at the fuel pump and all of the idiot lights come on. Brand new battery. I do not see any evidence that rodents have dined on my wires.

    Any one have any clues?

    P.S. It has fresh gas also.
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