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Thread: G'day from Down Under!

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    G'day from Down Under!

    Greetings all from Down Under!

    I'm looking for some information on a 6x4 Gator that my daughter and partner have on their small acreage here in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales.

    It's hasn't been running for a year or so and I've just got it running last weekend. Looks like it had a loose radiator hose and overheated slightly. Didn't seize. Doesn't appear to be any damage as a result.Got it running on 2 cylinders last weekend and noticed compression leakage on 2 of the injectors but I can't tightened the injectors without pulling off the inlet manifold and injector pump? I want to start replacing some parts on it but am having difficulty finding a Workshop Manual for the engine. Also, not sure what the model and year are.

    I found this number stamped on the chassis behind the passenger seat (RHS) 06X4D014649 which doesn't have as many characters as other models I've seen on the forum but that may be due to being an export model?

    The engine is a Yanmar model 3007d003 and I want to start by overhauling the fuel pump as I'm getting good flow out when I prime the pump but low volume coming back from the fuel filter. No blockages in the fuel lines or filter.

    Even on 2 cylinders it starts first go and has reasonable power so I'm confident it nothing major.

    Any advice and direction would be greatly appreciated.



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    Greetings from Germany back to Down Under! Enjoy and have fun

    Beste Gre aussem Chatten-Club, Wolle

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    Welcome from New York State.

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