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Thread: How to improve turning in my 6x4

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    How to improve turning in my 6x4

    I was hoping to use the gator to pull a small manure spreader down our vineyard rows.
    I'm finding it won't turn cleanly...hops a bit and can pop me into a vine.
    Slower is a bit better...we're talking 'real slow' however.
    tractor weights to the front?
    adjust the camber (?)
    remove 1 set of tires and turn it into a 4x2? If so, could I cheat and remove the rear set, put it in 4 wheel mode to get a shorter turning radius?

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    I donít believe these animals are known for a really tight turning radius, and even less some with weight on the rear end.

    You might try some counter weight on the front end to help keep the tires on the ground. Heavy Hitch has some really slick setups for adding ballast.

    An another suggestion would be to adjust tire pressure all the way around to find a sweet spot, also check the preload on the front end shocks.

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