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Thread: JD Powertach Plow on a 825i

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    JD Powertach Plow on a 825i

    Here are a few photos of a new to me JD Powertach Plow.

    I recently purchased this very well maintained (hardly used) setup from a very kind individual in West Virginia for about 1/2 of a new plow setup cost.

    I used Fastenal to ship the plow to Wyoming with a tremendous cost savings over traditional freight companies. Although the transit time was a bit longer, the cost savings was well worth the wait.

    This is a fully hydraulic system, with a robust four point mounting system. A mounting plate overlays the front skid plate, the lower plow frame mounts to this plate. The upper plow frame mounts, to pre-existing holes on the frame of the Gator adjacent to the winch. I did unfasten the winch fairlead for proper clearance (note Fairlead and Red Factor55 Pro Link temporally wire tied to grill guard) The controller is mounted nicely out of the way in the cab.

    I changed out the factory rectangular skid shoes after an initial pass on the lane to our home. When the blade was angled the rectangular shoes would dig and bounce across road surface, thus making an unnerving feeling while plowing. I purchased the optional heavy duty plow shoes from The Green Dealer. These shoes appear to be very stout. The round design work very well when the blade is operated in all orientations.

    I also installed a rubber plow blade deflector and plow markers on the blade. I have used rubber deflectors on previous snow plows with excellent results. The deflector keeps the majority of the snow “rolling forward” and from blowing back on the windshield.

    I also have coated Fluid Film on the blade surface, which helps with the snow sticking to the blade.

    When connecting all wires to the harness, I used dielectric grease on all connectors and relays.This will help mitigate moisture intrusion.

    The installation was extremely easy, the entire process took around 2 hours.

    I plan on placing weight in the bed of Gator. I have a ballast box for my JD 3520 tractor that weighs about 500lbs which should work nicely, although I will lose functionality of my bed during plow use. I looked at Heavy Hitch product’s which allow you to add tractor weights to a frame that mounts to the rear hitch receiver.

    During the off-season I will detach the plow frame/wiring harness and store undercover.

    With roughly $1900.00 invested, I don’t believe I could have done any better with other hydraulic plow systems.

    I researched winch operated setups, honestly I didn’t care for the mounting system. To me they seem to place a lot weight out-in front of the machine, whereas this mounting system keeps the weight closer to the front end thus eliminating a fulcrum affect on the front frame.

    Plow Specifications:

    Blade width 72 inches
    Blade angled 66.75 inches

    Range of Lift
    Above ground level 12 inches
    Below ground level 3 inches

    Angling Positions
    Three straight 0 degrees, angled right or left 22 degrees

    Weight 275 lbs


    Snow Plow System

    Factor 55 Winch Accessories

    John Deere Sport Steering Wheel

    John Deere Parts Catalog

    Part Numbers for Plow and Accessories

    Plow System LPFBPPTJD1
    Plow Markers LPPK120
    Plow Shoes LPPK160
    Plow Deflector LPPK140

    Photos with our curious cat Boone.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Super sweet setup! I like that special edition steering wheel also!
    I see you have a fur customs agent on the premises, I have one also....everything inside and out must be inspected before its allowed anywhere!

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