View Full Version : Quiet those noisy brakes!

12-24-2011, 10:09 PM
When I got my 6x4, the brakes made AWFUL noises! I did not want to split the gearcase and replace the brakes, too time consuming and too expen$ive. I also noted that noisy brakes were a common problem of even relatively new machines with little time: this indicated that the problem was perhaps not just a matter of worn parts.

I replaced the fluid, ran it, dragged the brakes a bit and changed the fluid again, this exercise quieted the brakes some, but did not really make the noise tolerable.

Next I decided to try adding a friction modifier (like they add to limited slip differentials.) This has solved the problem to a point I am happy with. While the brakes still make some noise when the pedal is pressed very hard, they are noise free in normal use. I bought the friction modifier at an Autozone store, I think it was about $10 for a few ounces. There are lots of brands of friction modifier and I suspect they are all pretty much the same stuff. Give it a try if you have noisy brakes


12-25-2011, 10:17 AM
Eric, great infor that may help many. I am so deaf that it's hard telling if the engine is running at times, so no problem with my brakes! LOL