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Thread: AMT 600 gas tank removal?

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    AMT 600 gas tank removal?

    I did a search but didn't find anything about how to remove my 600's gas tank (or fuel tank - I looked for both)

    I sure don't want to have to cut the frame anywhere, but crud in the tank keeps clogging the fuel lines; Anyone know if it comes out the top after removing the battery tray and hydraulic dump motor assembly?.

    Or... does the shut off valve just pull out of the rubber grommet at the lower front end of the tank? If it does ,maybe I can flush it in place. And is there a fuel pickup line inside with a filter on it? I can blow air through the line into the tank, but then it soon plugs up again.

    Edit: I started to remove the battery tray and realized there is no way the gas tank will come out the top because it is too wide to fit between the frame rails. It looks like JD started with the gas tank and built the AMT around it.

    So....Does anyone know if the shut off valve can be pulled out of the rubber grommet at the front of the tank or if there is a pickup line with a filter inside the tank?
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