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Thread: identifying by bar code

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    identifying by bar code

    I have a 6 wheel gator that someone painted over the tag. On removing the paint, all I was left with was the bar code. Who can use that to ID my gator?

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    Hello & welcome to our little corner of the internet, 49ford. I presume you don't have the owner's manual so here goes:

    1. You probably already thought of this but, if you bought it recently, ask the previous owner for the manual / paperwork or do they know how old it is?
    2. A John Deere dealer may be able to use the barcode to identify your model Gator.
    3. You can scan the bar code with your smart phone & let it search the internet for information, that may work. The information you want is John Deere related, so just ignore any search results that don't have anything to do with that or side by sides / UTVs or Gators.
    4. Look for the engine tag, you or the the dealer can search for that model Gator using the engine ID numbers, too I believe. John Deere will have records of which engine went with which Gator
    5. Alternatively, call the dealer & let them take a look at it. They may know more than you do or see a part that is specific to a certain model & / or model year. Either that or someone local who knows about these machines, a friend or neighbor you is really into ATVs or cars & trucks, perhaps. If you know is was used by a fire dept or other organization before you got it, ask someone from that group, they may still have some paperwork lying around
    6. Remember little things like if it uses gasoline or diesel fuel, narrows down your search even more.

    Once you determine which model you have, print out or write down all relevant info you find, buy or download a copy of the manual repair, rebuild & enjoy your Gator. has a Serial# lookup table in PDF format, once you have that here:

    Also check the related posts lists here:

    To be honest we most likely have something similar here at, but I found that first.

    Good luck & please send us some photos of your Gator.
    Hey you never know, somebody on this forum may recognize the model from your photo. include a photo of the barcode & engine tag, too please.
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