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Thread: 2013 rsx 850i charging

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    2013 rsx 850i charging

    Ok I've read everything I can find

    Stator test good
    Replaced voltage regulator
    Charges when it wants too very erratic does not charge at idle reads 13.5 at around 3000 rpm checked fuses bypassed fuse block by jumping hot wire from voltage regulator to selonoid

    Has 15 volts coming out of regulator until I plug connector in then drops low beams dont work unless it's on high beam then high beams shut off after 15 seconds or so then low beams stay on in the high beam selection unless you turn key off and on real quick then they stay on for 15 seconds or so then click off

    Any help would be appreciated

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    If you've replaced the stator & regulator & voltage drops & it charges erratically, then you most likely have a short of some kind.
    Your thread heading states you have a 2013 RSX 850i.

    1. Is your battery original? Determine if you need a new battery first by testing it. If battery is fine...
    2. & all electrical parts are preforming as expected, than check main harness & secondary wiring for frayed outer casings & resistance. Electrical parts generally aren't returnable, eliminate all other possibilities before buying them.
    3. The wiring inside maybe corroded, possible after 7 years. Unplug wiring & install temporary harness to check resistance & corrosion theory.

    This is one of those take it apart 1 piece at a time & determine what is faulty projects. Remember it maybe multiple pieces of wiring that are bad.
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