After suffering with the pull stick safety brake on my previous Gator and having it fly by me into the pond, I was pleased to get the 865R with its new foot brake and pull handle release system. Within 2 years I was displeased to note that John Deere had not wised up yet. It is an excellent operation; however, the thin plate of metal that the ratchet plate is made of is too thin, and the metal is crap. The teeth have worn off. You apply the foot brake; you hear the ratchet, then you hear it "de-ratchet" off its set. Once a Gator begins to creep it soon rolls like skate on a hard wooden floor.
This is unsafe. This is unbelievable to equip a $24,000 to $32,000 UTV with such a poor safety brake and to do it over and over. John Deere should pay for a new product replacement under a recall. JD should most likely have been sued by someone by now.